Advanced Treatment For Osteoarthritis.

Here’s a success story of a non-invasive treatment for osteoarthritis : At 94, knee surgery didn’t seem to be the best option for RM Surana, so he decided to go for the non-invasive treatment.

He is now happy with the results. “At this age, I never thought such a recovery was possible. From being almost bedridden, I am now able to go for my daily walks with ease,” he adds.

Benefits of SPMF Therapy

The SBF healthcare and Research Centre is well known for its non-invasive SPMF technology – a therapy that can regenerate cartilage and reverse the whole process of the disease. It has no side effects, and is a cheaper alternative to knee replacement, in which both the knees can be treated simultaneously. This therapy increases mobility, improves power and stability of the knee joints. It is painless and safe, and treats problems in all major joints, along with problems associated with the neck and back.

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