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Developing an effective treatment for cancer continues to be the prime focuses of Medical Research, and, in recent years several treatment modalities have emerged. Although some of these have shown promise in the treatment of cancer, their application in the treatment is limited owing to serious adverse events associated with cancer therapy. This paper describes for the first time the usefulness of Sequentially Programmed Magnetic Field (SPMF) Therapy in treatment of cancer without any side effects. A special subgroup of brain tumour patients treated by SPMF Therapy showed that the treatment was highly effective.

Methods :

164 patients, suffering from various terminal stage organ cancers were included for the study. 46/164 patients, of Primary malignant brain tumours who had completed standard modalities of treatment such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery and were on palliative care; had come voluntarily for the treatment. The patients were exposed to SPMF Therapy daily for 1 hr, for 28 consecutive days and were assessed using the Karnofsky Performance scale scores.


The statistical analysis revealed a significant correlation between SPMF Therapy exposure and Karnofsky score improvement (Paired t-test, p-value <0.0001). Further all patients got off morphine; most of the patients were able to discontinue analgesics after the course of treatment. Many patients returned to routine daily activities/professional/household work. Among 59% of Brain tumour patients (subgroup of patients) who survived the treatment, 19% of them are still alive (5 yrs post treatment) with reduction in the tumour size, and leading a normal life without recurrence of the tumour.


Patients consistently showed significant improvement in KPS scores, considerable pain relief and improvement in quality of life after exposure to SPMF Therapy. These findings not only initiate a new strategy for terminal palliative care of cancer but also suggest that it has the potential to be used as first line of treatment in future particularly in Primary malignant Brain tumours.

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