Sequentially Programmed Magnetic Field (SPMF) therapy utilises magnetic fields of specific strength and frequencies which are generated from Magnetic Field Generators (MFG) that can be focused on the affected tissues. These are non-thermal, non-ionising and has no known side effects. The efficacy of SPMF therapy in knee osteoarthritis was first published in the Scientific Medicine Journal in 2009. The current study is to evaluate the long term efficacy of SPMF Therapy in knee Osteoarthritis.


300 patients were enrolled for this follow up study to evaluate the long term results of SPMF therapy after 12 months of the treatment. All the patients underwent SPMF for 21 consecutive days and were evaluated with Total Knee Score (TKS), Total Functional Score (TFS) and MRI to measure Cartilage thickness pre treatment, Post treatment at 21 days, 3 months and 12 months.


Statistical analysis demonstrated that an improvement in TFS scores from 39.64 (SD=21.53) pretreatment to 47.84 (SD=18.54) at 21 days, 56.92 (SD=16.47) at 3 months and 61.20(SD=16.63) at 12 months. The TKS score was 53.08 (SD=17.39) at pre-treatment, which improved to 73.44 (SD=13.61), 78.64 (SD=12.26), 83.32(SD=11.63) at 21 days, 3 months and 12 months respectively. The cartilage thickness was 0.64 mm (±0.02 mm) at pre-treatment, which increased to 0.88 mm (±0.07 mm) at 3 months and 1.24(±0.03 mm).


The results confirm significant improvement in the strength, stability and significant reduction of pain as shown in the TKS and TFS value. The result also shows significant regeneration of cartilage and progressive increase in the cartilage thickness in MRI, to show that SPMF being non invasive and without any side effect should be used as a first line of treatment for knee Osteoarthritis.

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