Wg Cdr(Dr) V G Vasishta(retd), founder and CEO of SBF Healthcare and Research Centre Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru, invented and developed the Sequentially Programmed Magnetic Field therapy(SPMF therapy), which is said to be the world’s first effective non-invasive treatment for osteoarthritis. SPMF therapy is a technology that produces highly complex sequentially programmed magnetic fields, which are computer-controlled and can be precisely focussed on to target tissues with the help of laser guides. These are non-thermal, non-ionising and have no known side effects. The treatment is administered through a machine called AKTIS SOMA and the 21-day programme involves treatment sessions for up to one hour each day during the course. SPMF therapy restores gthe missing physiological stimulus, thus leading to cartilage regeneration.

Unique Method To Treat Osteoarthritis

SPMF therapy is offered in India in Mumbai and Bangaluru. Till date, patients from 33 countries including USA, UK, Australia have undergone treatment at SBF Healthcare Centres. Elizabeth Carr(name changed) is one such patient, who came from California, USA with hope to get relief from hip arthritis, which she was suffering from for 17 years. Several doctors she met in the USA suggested a painful total hip replacement surgery. However, when she came to know about Dr V G vasishta’s sequentially programmed magnetic field therapy, she decided to visit the SBF Healthcare and Research centre. “When i came to Mumbai from California, I was unable to sleep because of my hip pain and could not walk without a cane even for short distances.After my treatment at SBF Healthcare, i can sleep well at night, walk properly and have even resumed my exercise programme that i had abandoned. My hip pain has reduced by 75 percent, ” she said.

Having treated over 6,000 cases with SPMF Therapy , Dr V G Vasishta believes that his therapy will benefit a large number of people who suffer from osteoarthritis. The organisation has been adding to the medical tourism of Mumbai and Bengaluru, with people from the west coming to india not because treatment is economical but because SPMF therapy is a one-of-its kind treatment, available only in india.


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