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“I have undergone therapy for 21 days. I feel quite well after this therapy. I admire and congratulate you for making the technique available to the people of India.”

Disclaimer: Results may vary from patient to patient.

Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil
Former President of India

“Work like this is what makes India stand as first among-st equals. I have undergone the treatment myself and have no doubt that we have the cutting edge technology and ability to see what the future is about. Islands of excellence as these must be respected and supported. I am proud to associate with the officers, Wg. Cdr Vasishta does us proud along with his team. I wish all of them all the very best and look forward to this being available to the common man. Indeed they make India stand tall.” “I was in a wheel chair for some time and then after the knee pain treatment I underwent for both my knees under the direct supervision of Wg Cdr (Dr) VG Vasishta (Retd) I started walking again. I can now climb stairs easily and without any discomfort because of the knee pain treatment offered by SBF Healthcare. I firmly believe that SBF Healthcare’s SPMF® therapy is the answer to the future of Osteoarthritis Treatment”.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from patient to patient.

Smt. Renuka Chowdhury
Member of Parliament -Rajya Sabha, Ex - Union Minister of State

“I love travelling and took voluntary retirement, aiming to travel the world. However, my travel plans did not materialize since I was unable to take even a few steps. I was suffering from Osteoarthritis. I tried several types of treatments- from Tibetan medication to Ayurveda and even siddha- and these gave me temporary relief. It was then I heard about SPMF® therapy. My condition gradually started improving after 11 sessions, and I put on a strict diet, with vitamin C supplements, for the next 45 days. Within the next 90 days, I recovered completely and was in a position to chase my dream. After the recovery, I visited Ladakh, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, USA, Ethiopia and Cambodia.”

Disclaimer: Results may vary from patient to patient.

Mrs. Padmini Balaram

“I have been suffering from osteoarthritis for the last few years. I consulted many doctors, but nobody gave me an effective solution. later a friend of mine suggested that i go to SBF. She told me about the SPMF Therapy. I decided to give it a shot, and now i see a marked difference. the pain has reduced. Im able to walk without a cane.”. 

Videhi, 65
Tennessee, USA

“In this therapy, my knee has been exposed to programmed electro-magnetic fields, but I cannot feel anything. There is no pain. I’m glad i did not undergo a surgery.”

Jayamangalam, 66

“Friends, on successfully completing my 21 days session of value added Osteoarthritis Treatment using SPMF, I hereby endorse my sincere appreciation for making my dream come true for receiving knee pain treatment, with a nil feeling of being a patient, with a smile on every soul serving the noble cause, with sincerity in approach and in a positive and hygienic atmosphere”.

“When I came to Bangalore from California in January 2008, I was unable to sleep because of hip pain and could not walk without a cane and then only for short distances. It is now 6 months and I have not needed a cane since my return to the US. I sleep all night and do not wake up in the night with knee pain. I can now walk several miles and I have resumed my exercise program, which I had abandoned for a year. My hip pain has been reduced by 75%. I am so glad that I found you”.

Mrs. Pamela Mize-Kurzman

“I was diagnosed as a case of brain tumour in March – 2007, underwent surgery twice in Jan – 2008 & Jan – 2009 & received radiation & chemotherapy after that but I was not able to walk properly, had weakness in my limbs, and had difficulty finding words. I took the 28 days SPMF treatment at SBF Healthcare. Now I am much better, can walk normally, the weakness in the right side of the body has reduced considerably & I have better appetite & my energy levels have improved”. “

Mr. Bhagavathi Perumal

“My knees have improved to a great extent and I do not have pain. I am able to move freely and also climb up stairs without any difficulty. I was suffering for nearly three years and thanks to your treatment, I am literally back to normal. I have been advocating your treatment to many friends, relatives and colleagues who have similar problems”.

Mr. Ratnam

“I was diagnosed as a case of malignant brain tumour in Nov – 2004. I had undergone surgery, radiation & chemotherapy but the tumor had come back again. I volunteered for SPMF trials & took 28 days of treatment. After the treatment weakness of the limbs has gone, my memory has improved & now I am able to carry on my routine professional work including surgeries, as I am an ENT Surgeon. My PET scan of the brain is negative for malignancy “.

Dr. Rengarajan